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Nightly: 7:15 & 9:25PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: 1:15 & 3:25PM
Genre: Horror 
Feature Length: 99 minutes
Starring: Henry ThomasElizabeth ReaserDoug JonesAnnalise BassoLin Shaye
Plot Summary: In 1965 Los Angeles, a widowed mother named Alice Zander (Elizabeth Reaser) holds séances for clients to speak to their dead loved ones, but her business is actually a scam. Using her two daughters to trick her clients into thinking that they are spirits, Alice continues scamming gullible customers by using a Ouija board.
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Frightening Scenes, Disturbing Content

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Nightly: 6:50 & 9:15PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: 2:55PM
Genre: Drama
Feature Length: 128 minutes
Starring: Ben AffleckAnna KendrickJ.K. SimmonsJohn Lithgow,Jeffrey TamborJon Bernthal
Plot Summary: Even when he was a boy, it was clear Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) was a math genius with an obsessive personality. He had a talent for numbers, but trouble relating to people.
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Coarse Language, Gory Scenes, Graphic Violence


Nightly: 7:05PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: 1:05PM
Genre: Family 
Feature Length: 92 minutes
Starring: Griffin Gluck, Lauren GrahamRob Riggle, Thomas Barbusca, Adam Pally
Plot Summary: Rafe has an epic imagination...and a slight problem with authority. Both collide when he transfers to an oppressive, rule-crazy middle school. Drowning in do's and don'ts, Rafe and his scheming best friend Leo hatch a plan to break every rule in the school's Code of Conduct. It's Ferris Bueller meets Home Alone as their battle with Principal Dwight explodes into chaos both real and imagined. But Dwight displays his own fiendish creativity, striking back at the rulebreakers. Meanwhile, Rafe struggles to hide his misbehavior from Jeanne, the straight-A, overachieving girl of his dreams, and at home, his mother's boyfriend -- a moochy, jack-of-no-trades named Bear -- threatens to become his stepfather.
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Nightly: 9:05PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: No matinee shows
Genre: Action/Adventure
Feature Length: 107 minutes
Starring: Mark WahlbergDylan O'BrienKurt RussellKate HudsonJohn MalkovichGina Rodriguez
Plot Summary: In the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, creating the worst oil spill in American history. This film recounts the extreme moments of bravery and survival in the face of what would become one of the biggest man-made disasters in world history.
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Language May Offend, Graphic Violence

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Nightly: 7:10 & 9:20PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: 1:10 & 3:20PM
Genre: Comedy 
Feature Length: 105 minutes
Starring: Jon HammZach GalifianakisIsla Fisher,Gal Gadot
Plot Summary:

Suburban couple Jeff (Zach Galifianakis) and Karen (Isla Fisher) live normal, boring lives. That is, until the Joneses move next door.
Tim (Jon Hamm) and Natalie Jones (Gal Gadot) are not your run-of-the-mill kind of couple. They're accomplished at everything. They're stylish and poised. Too perfect, in fact.

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Sexual Content, Graphic Violence

new this week!


Nightly: 6:55 & 9:10PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: 12:55 & 3:10PM
Genre: Action
Feature Length: 118 minutes
Starring: Tom CruiseCobie Smulders, Robert Knepper, Aldis Hodge, Holt McCallany
Plot Summary: Set four years since the events of the first film, when Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) returns to the headquarters of his old military unit, he finds out he's accused of a homicide that took place 16 years earlier.
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Mature Themes, Violence, Language May Offend


Nightly: 7:05 & 9:15PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: 1:05PM
Genre: Thriller 
Feature Length: 112 minutes
Starring: Emily BluntRebecca FergusonHaley BennettJustin TherouxLuke EvansAllison JanneyEdgar RamirezLisa Kudrow
Plot Summary: After her divorce, a woman named Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) experiences severe depression. While traveling daily by train to the city to get to her job, Rachel finds some comfort when she sees what she believes to be the "perfect" couple, Scott (Luke Evans) and Megan (Haley Bennett), and creates an imaginary fantasy life for them.
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Coarse Language, Sexual & Disturbing Content, Graphic Violence

(2D Version - Not in 3D!) <no passes!>

Nightly: 6:50 & 9:10PM
New time Friday at 9:00PM only!
Sat/Sun Matinees: 3:00PM
Genre: Fantasy 
Feature Length: 127 minutes
Starring: Eva GreenAsa ButterfieldElla PurnellAllison Janney,Terence StampRupert EverettJudi DenchSamuel L. Jackson,Chris O'Dowd
Plot Summary: When Jacob (Asa Butterfield) meets Emma (Ella Purnell), she takes him back in time to 1940 to an orphanage for "peculiar children." There, he meets children who have extraordinary gifts and peculiarities, including Millard (Cameron King), who is invisible; Bronwyn, who has incredible strength; and Claire, who has an extra mouth at the back of her head. When he’s introduced to Miss Peregrine (Eva Green), she says she's known of Jacob since he was born, because his grandfather once lived at the home.
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Some Scary Scenes, Tobacco Use

(2D Version - Not in 3D!) < no passes!>

Nightly: No evening shows
Sat/Sun Matinees: 1:00 & 3:15PM
Genre: Family
Feature Length: 92 minutes
Starring: Andy SambergKelsey GrammerKeegan-Michael Key,Jordan PeeleJennifer AnistonTy BurrellDanny Trejo
Plot Summary: Head stork and boss Hunter (Kelsey Grammer) decides to stop delivering babies and start delivering packages instead for global internet giant Cornerstore. Junior (Andy Samberg), the company’s top delivery stork, is about to be promoted when he accidentally activates the Baby Making Machine, producing an adorable and wholly unauthorized baby girl.
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Substance Abuse