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(Presented in both 3D and 2D Versions!) <special presentation - no passes!>

Nightly: (2D) 6:45 & (3D) 8:45PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: (2D) 1:00 & (3D) 3:00PM
Genre: Family
Feature Length: 92 minutes
Starring: Andy SambergKelsey GrammerKeegan-Michael Key,Jordan PeeleJennifer AnistonTy BurrellDanny Trejo
Plot Summary: Head stork and boss Hunter (Kelsey Grammer) decides to stop delivering babies and start delivering packages instead for global internet giant Cornerstore. Junior (Andy Samberg), the company’s top delivery stork, is about to be promoted when he accidentally activates the Baby Making Machine, producing an adorable and wholly unauthorized baby girl.
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Substance Abuse


Nightly: 7:20 & 9:25PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: 1:20 & 3:20PM
Genre: Horror
Feature Length: 89 minutes
Starring: Callie Hernandez, Brandon Scott, Wes Robinson, James Allen McCune, Corbin Reid
Plot Summary: Two decades after the events of The Blair Witch Project, a college student named James (James Allen McCune) comes across a video on the Internet that was shot in the haunted Black Hills forest in Maryland. He believes one of the people in the video is his missing sister Heather, who disappeared with her camera crew while investigating the legend of the Blair Witch. He and his filmmaker girlfriend Lisa (Callie Hernandez), along with friends Peter (Brandon Scott) and Ashley (Corbin Reid), head for the woods to search for Heather.
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Coarse Language, Disturbing Content


Nightly: 7:00PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: No matinee shows
Genre: Drama
Feature Length: 102 minutes
Starring: Chris PineBen FosterJeff Bridges, Katy Mixon, Dale Dickey, Gil Birmingham
Plot Summary: In a story where the Old West meets the New West, two brothers - Toby (Chris Pine), a straight-laced and divorced father trying to provide for his son, and Tanner (Ben Foster), a short-tempered ex-con - rob branch after branch of the bank that's foreclosing their family land.
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Coarse Language, Graphic Violence

(2D Version - Not in 3D!) <special presentation - no passes!>

Nightly: No evening shows
Sat/Sun Matinees: 1:15 & 3:15PM
Genre: Animation
Feature Length: 90 minutes
Starring: Matthias Schweighöfer, Joey Camen, Sandy Fox, Yuri Lowenthal, Jeff Doucette, David Howard, Doug Stone
Plot Summary: When a human named Robinson Crusoe (Yuri Lowenthal) and his dog Aynsley (Doug Stone) wash up on the shores of their tiny tropical island after a tropical storm, Tuesday (David Howard), an outgoing parrot and his quirky group of animal friends are initially repulsed by his furless appearance. However, they soon come to realize he's harmless and over time, they make friends with him.
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Not Recommended for Young Children

new this week!


Nightly: 6:55 & 9:20PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: 12:55 & 3:20PM
Genre: Action 
Feature Length: 133 minutes
Starring: Denzel WashingtonChris PrattEthan HawkeVincent D'Onofrio, Byung-hun Lee, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Martin Sensmeier, Peter SarsgaardHaley BennettMatt BomerCam GigandetLuke Grimes
Plot Summary: In the Old West, the sleepy town of Rose Creek is plagued by savage outlaws, led by Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard). They burn down a church and slaughter many of the innocent civilians.
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Gory Scenes, Disturbing Content, Graphic Violence


Nightly: 6:50 & 9:15PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: 12:50 & 3:15PM
Genre: Drama
Feature Length: 134 minutes
Starring: Joseph Gordon-LevittShailene WoodleyMelissa Leo,Zachary QuintoTom WilkinsonRhys IfansNicolas Cage,Timothy OlyphantJoely RichardsonScott Eastwood
Plot Summary:

The story of Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee and NSA contractor who leaked thousands of classified documents to the press in 2013.
Snowden's scandal rocked the world and polarized Americans. He revealed that the U.S. government had been spying on its citizens to a greater extent than most citizens knew about.

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Coarse Language


Nightly: 6:50 & 9:10PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: 12:50 & 3:10PM
Genre: Comedy 
Feature Length: 122 minutes
Starring: Renée ZellwegerColin FirthPatrick DempseyJim BroadbentGemma JonesEmma Thompson, Shirley Henderson, Celia Imrie
Plot Summary: Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) and Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) are no longer a couple. They've recently broken up and Bridget, now in her forties, decides to focus on her job as a top news producer and spending time having fun with her friends.
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Coarse Language, Nudity, Sexual Content

<no passes!>

Nightly: 7:10 & 9:10PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: 1:10 & 3:10PM
Genre: Drama
Feature Length: 96 minutes
Starring: Tom HanksLaura LinneyAnna GunnAaron Eckhart,Sam Huntington, Max Adler
Plot Summary:

American pilot Chesley Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) becomes a national hero when the plane he was flying was disabled after striking a flock of geese.

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Frightening Scenes, Language May Offend


Nightly: 9:00PM
Sat/Sun Matinees: No matinee shows
Genre: Comedy
Feature Length: 98 minutes
Starring: Mila KunisKristen BellKathryn HahnAnnie Mumolo,Jada Pinkett SmithChristina Applegate
Plot Summary: Amy Mitchell (Mila Kunis) is a mother of two who puts her family first, but her childish husband, demanding kids and idiot of a boss are finally getting to her. One morning as she's making breakfast, she realizes the dog is sick. Now she has to take the dog to the vet in addition to dropping the kids off at school before getting to her high pressure marketing job.
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Coarse Language, Sexual Content, Substance Abuse